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New Release/Review: Lost Rider by Harper Sloan

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

New Release/Review: Lost Rider by Harper SloanLost Rider by Harper Sloan
Series: Coming Home, #1
Published by Pocket Books on April 25th 2017
Pages: 400
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In Lost Rider, the first Western romance in New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Harper Sloan’s Coming Home series, an injured rodeo star encounters an old flame but will she be just what he needs to get back in the saddle?
Maverick Austin Davis is forced to return home after a ten-year career as a rodeo star. After one too many head injuries, he’s off the circuit and in the horse farming business, something he’s never taken much of a shine to, but now that it’s his late father’s legacy, familial duty calls. How will Maverick find his way after the only dream he ever had for himself is over?
Enter Leighton Elizabeth James, an ugly duckling turned beauty from Maverick’s childhood—his younger sister’s best friend, to be exact, and someone whose heart he stomped all over when she confessed her crush to him ten years back. Now Leighton is back in Maverick’s life, no longer the insecure, love-stricken teen—and Maverick can’t help but take notice. Sparks fly between them, but will Leighton be able to open her heart to the one man who broke it all those years ago?
Written in the vein of Diana Palmer and Lindsay McKenna, this Texas-set series is filled with sizzle, heart, and plenty of cowboys!

LOST RIDER by Harper Sloan, where to start, first this was my first read by this author and second this book was so good that I cannot wait for the second book in the series to come out when the first one has not even been published yet.

I really enjoy a book about a nice, hot, sexy cowboy and this book delivered that in spades along with a story that will draw so many emotions and feelings and pull on the heart strings.

A tragedy and one too many falls off the saddle has Maverick headed home to all the things he ran away from ten years ago, but some of the things that he didn’t want to leave are still there, like the memories of his father and Leighton the only girl he has ever loved.  But when Maverick left town he made sure that Leighton hated him and would never forgive him, the only thing is Leighton has only ever loved one man and that’s Maverick (even though his words the night before he left hurt so deep).  The story of Leighton and Maverick finding their way back to each other was what made the story of this book so good. – Reviewed by Kendra

New Release/Review: Falling for the Billionaire Wolf and His Baby by Sasha Summers

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

New Release/Review: Falling for the Billionaire Wolf and His Baby by Sasha SummersFalling for the Billionaire Wolf and His Baby by Sasha Summers
Published by Entangled Publishing LLC (Covet) on April 24th 2017
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When Jessa Talbot’s boss offered her a promotion, she agreed—no questions asked. Her family needed the money, but fighting the attraction she feels for her brooding employer is tough. Worse, she instantly bonds with his infant son she’s caring for. But this is a temporary solution and she can’t get attached to either of them.
Finnegan Dean is cursed. He’s a nicely dressed monster, the wolf inside always looking for a way out. But there are two things he and his wolf agree on. They must protect baby Oscar and Jessa—his mate. While the wolf hungers to seal their bond, Finn fights the instinct. After all, if he really cares for her, he’d never doom her to the life he lives.

When Finn found out he is a father with a woman he dated for a little while he couldn’t believe it, they had used a condom but he promised never to reproduce and put the suffering on someone else in fact he and his pact all did. Now he has to find someone to take care of him and one of his staff Jessa is perfect, she has a great deal of debt because she is taking care of her siblings. He gets Jessa to agree until they can find a nanny for Oscar before he changes into a wolf but Jessa is drawn to Oscar.

Finn is drawn to Jessa and his wolf fights it everyday which Jessa takes as he is mad at her but when he explains he is drawn to her she tells him the feelings mutual. One day in the park Jessa is approached by a man named Cyrus and she isn’t sure why but he makes her uncomfortable but when she can’t see the guard assigned to watch her and Oscar she really freaks. Come to find out Cyrus wants Finn dead and he wants to steal Oscar to study.

After this Finn has to let Jessa into his secret life and his heart which makes his wolf very happy only with that declaration it makes Jessa and her siblings in danger. I just loved this story and it doesn’t say there will be another but I sure hope so! – Reviewed by Linda

Review: Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey

I received this book for free from in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Nine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette GreyNine Kinds of Naughty by Jeanette Grey
Series: ,
Published by Forever on February 7th 2017
Pages: 384
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Lexie Bellamy can handle a boardroom. Relationships, however, are a minefield that always blow up. When a business trip takes her to Spain, Lexie knows she'll have no problem closing the deal. But spending uninterrupted one-on-one time with her crazy-hot coworker might be more than she can take.
At the office, Lexie gets to call the shots. But this trip is the perfect opportunity for Dane Huntley to show his gorgeous boss how good it can feel when someone else takes charge...
Miles away from home, giving in to Dane's naughty commands feels so easy. But when the trip is over, Lexie's determined to go back to their professional relationship. Dane, though, has other ideas. He'll have to prove that what they've found together is real... and he has no intention of letting go.

Nine Kinds of Naughty is the third book in Jeanette Grey’s series Art of Passion.  I hadn’t read anything by Jeanette Grey nor even heard of her before this book, but now that I have experienced the intricacies of her style, I will read more of her work, especially the other books in this series.  Nine Kinds of Naughty is the story of Lexie, joint CEO of the family business and Dane her sublimely attractive personal assistant.  She is a workaholic, driven by the fact that she has never been seen as “good enough” by her family.  She’s very good at business but has only experienced let-downs in personal relationship.  She believes it is her own fault that, in her mind, “everybody leaves.”  Dane is an excellent PA and ably anticipates what Lexi needs, before she knows it herself.  Fortunately, Dane isn’t as driven as Lexie – he keeps his weekends free for adventure, like bungee jumping and other daring pursuits.  Quite suddenly, Lexie and her team are going to Spain for a takeover bid, where they will stay until the project is completed.  Needless to say, Dane is none too happy at this business trip but he has to go.
Lexie finds that working in Spain is very different to what she’s used to; everybody leaves work at the usual time and she is unsure how to manage her time & her frustration with the business ethics of the Spanish people she is dealing with, while Dean is settling in with co-workers and enjoying himself.  What is becoming apparent is that they are both feeling the attraction to each other and this tension continues to rise; but Lexie has already had a fling with someone from the office that went horribly wrong and she is not willing to risk her reputation as a dedicated executive within her family’s business.  She is so worried about what other people think, that she can’t relax and enjoy herself.  Dane is not really satisfied with his life, either.  He’s unhappy with his working life – he really wanted to follow the family tradition and be a fireman like his father and older brother.  Unfortunately his older brother died and his terrified mother demanded he forget his dream and take a nice safe office job.  He’s thwarted with the need to take hold of his life, but he’s also falling in love with Lexie, who begins to rely on Dane outside the office.  He is getting closer to making changes in his attempt to find happiness, until it all comes crashing down!
Jeanette Grey weaves the emotions of both characters in an ever tightening thread till both are ensnared. She casts a line and you are wound into absorb this story.  The characters were beautifully drawn as we went on this journey with them.  It was a seductive story that kept me intrigued to the very last word.  I was sorry when the book ended – I wanted more of both Dane and Lexie.  If only there was another book…  – Reviewed by Morilyn
Lexie is one tough CEO she is about work all the time sometimes barely eating or sleeping she has to make the firm succeed. Her family is a fractured as it could be with her father going to jail and her brother Evan at school to be an artist and she had to beg her brother Rylan to come back to be in charge. Lexie is a force and her assistant Dane is right on the money when she needs him and really good to look at but Lexie can’t be with him after what happened with Jordan.
Dane is suffering threw this job and even though the money and looking at Ms Bellamy all day is great it’s not where he wants to be. He wants to be a firefighter like his father and his dad but after his brother died in a fire his mom took him from Montana to New York and forbid him to get a risky job. So now he is an assistant to the CEO and she just told him he has to go to Spain with her for a while. He lives for his weekends and what’s he gonna do in Spain.
When Lexie and Dane leave on the company jet for Spain, Dane finally gets his hands in Lexie in the form of a back rub. It seems Dane always knows what she needs before she does and even before she would consider anything with him she has to be able to trust him. This story focuses on building trust in another human being when everyone has let you down. I think that watching Lexie turn into someone else has made this my favorite so far and seeing how Dane learns a few things about himself makes it perfect! – Reviewed by Linda
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