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Release Blitz: Burn For You by Gwen Knight

by Gwen Knight

First rule of being a single dad… Don’t f*ck up.

Dragon-shifter Keaton Lafay is at the end of his rope. It’s hard being a single dad, especially when his daughter is a teenager who can breathe fire. When his clan signs him up for a singles cruise with Meet Your Alpha, Keaton has no choice but to go. The catch? Thanks to a certain daughter’s recent expulsion, he isn’t sailing alone. Out at sea, surrounded by nothing but water, desperate single females, and his crotchety daughter, what could possibly go wrong?

As a child counselor to a school full of female preteen shifters, Wren Michaels is convinced she’s seen it all. But when Jinx Lafay loses control and shifts on campus grounds, she soon realizes she doesn’t know anything. Including how easy it is to fall for Jinx’s growly father. When she stumbles across Keaton on a singles cruise, it seems like all her dreams are about to come true. Until a strange witch awakens something powerful within Wren–something best left forgotten…

BURN FOR YOU is part of the Bad Alphas Project as well as the first book in Gwen Knight’s Cruising with Alphas Series!

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Purrs4You: Hey handsome. Wanna fuck? I’ve never ridden a dragon before.
I bit back a laugh and stared at the words, astounded by her lack of effort. Seriously? Was this what amounted to dating these days? Just sign up on a website and fire off a few risqué sentences with the hope someone responds? And her username? A dig at her shifter form, most likely. Probably some type of cat—I hadn’t bothered to read her profile.
Purrs4You: Well? You interested, baby? Bet I can set your loins on fire.
And not in a good way, I assumed. Who the hell was this woman? Did she honestly think this sort of message would work? I shook my head, about to close down the conversation when I saw those three little dots scrawling across the screen, indicating an incoming message.
Joy of joys.
Except, instead of more text, a picture popped up on my screen. A picture of… Whoa. I blinked, equally surprised and amused by this turn of events. Definitely a pussy staring back at me. And not the four-legged kind.
Clearly, she expected a response. I imagined her sitting at a desk somewhere, tapping these long nails against the wooden top as she waited for my answer, a predator among prey. Well, dragon trumped kitty any day of the week. And this dragon had zero interest in making her purr.
I typed out a quick message. Simple and succinct.
Keats: Not interested.
Purrs4You: Bet I can change your mind. No one can resist petting my mouse.
Her…what now? I wasn’t entirely up on modern-day slang, but I think I got the gist of that one. I exhaled and tossed my phone down onto my own desk.
My phone dinged again, but I ignored it. Ever since Jasper signed me up on that stupid site, it’d been one message after another. Ding, ding, ding. Nonstop alerts filling up my phone until I wanted to break the damn thing.
God, I hated dating.
The entire process was maddening. The wooing, the flowers, the pretty words, the false promises… Not to mention the most difficult part: meeting someone. People often said the first obstacle was the hardest to overcome. But, seriously? What the hell did these women expect from me?
Back in my day, dating seemed so simple. Find a beautiful dragon-shifter, charm her with hordes of gold and plumes of fire, then settle down, marry, and pop out a few kids. I’d done all of that, only to find myself widowed and alone within twenty years—a shockingly short timespan when dealing with shifters.
Nowadays, it seemed like women wanted so much more. Not to mention my chances of finding another female dragon-shifter were slim to nil. We were a dying breed. The world had given way to the wolves and the lions—the more adaptable breeds. We dragons were caught in the past. We missed our castles and riches, and the days when we could spread our wings and take to the skies. Now we needed a bloody flying permit. Even had to register with the Federal Aviation Administration. Somewhere in my wallet, I literally had a card that read recreational pilot.
I leaned back in my cushioned chair and stared at the matchmaking website in front of me. MeetYourAlpha.com—Where Happily Ever Alphas Are Only A Click Away. Catchy, I suppose. When Jasper first told me about this site, he’d claimed it catered to the paranormal community, though they did allow humans to join if they so desired. How my happily-married second-in-command had heard about this site, I hadn’t a clue. Nor did I intend to ask. Ignorance was bliss.
Jasper had even gone so far as to make me a profile, seeing as he was one of the few who not only understood technology but reveled in it. The marvelous things modern technology can do, he’d said. Truthfully, I’d nearly torn a few scales off his hide when he’d first mentioned this to me. Until I’d spotted the hopeful gleam in my clan members’ eyes. For five years now, I’d been without a mate, and it seemed they were of the unanimous decision that I needed to find someone new who would care for me and my daughter. It didn’t matter to them that I’d already had my chance at true love.
And lost it.

Gwen Knight is a Canadian girl currently living in Jasper, AB. She graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a degree in Archaeology and Geography. Her interests consist of playing in the dirt, designing elaborate snow forts, boating, and archery.


Dirty Thirty with Graceley Knox & D.D. Miers

Good Afternoon Graceley & D.D.! Thank you for joining us for our Dirty Thirty. We’re glad you can make stop by our page and play a quick game for us and the readers to get you know you. So let’s get started, shall we? Give us 30 quick facts about you! And go!

1.Favorite color?

Graceley: Any shade of black.

D.D.: Green. I love nature and greenery makes me feel at peace.

2.Preferred flavour of ice cream?

Graceley: Coffee, of course.

D.D.: OMG- Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip – OR Jamoca Almond Fudge

3.T.V. show you could watch over and over?

Graceley: Wynonna Earp, Supernatural, Grimm, Bones, Lost Girl. The list goes on forever.

D.D: Roswell, Buffy, Lost Girl, Wynonna Earp, Heroes, Chopped, The Office….Okay-stopping now.

4.Movie you hated but everyone else loved?

Graceley: I hope I don’t get killed for this one, but I’m not a Star Wars fan.

D.D: LaLa Land. YES I SAID IT!

5.Favorite book as a child?

Graceley: Harry Potter. Thanks, Ma! LOL.

D.D.: Hmm I’d say it’s between ‘The 11th Hour’ and ‘The Secret of Nimh’

6.What do you like on your pizza?

Graceley: Sausage, green peppers, onion. Or ham and pineapple.

D.D.: Either classic but GOOD pepperoni or Artichoke, basil and Chicken.

7.How do you take your coffee?

Graceley: All at once. JK, sugar, splash of milk.

D.D.: 70% creamer/half and half and 30% hawaiian hazelnut coffee w/ 4 stevias.

8.What’s your favorite holiday or season?

Graceley: Halloween & Fall are my faves.

D.D.: I love the fall and everything that comes through to Christmas.

9.Do you have a nickname?

Graceley: I’ve got a few that can’t be named, but Graceley actually came from my mom calling me Grace as a kid due to the fact that I was and still am a wicked klutz. It stuck :).

D.D.: I also have a few but Dee and DD are the most common. Also Kiki. (They all came from my brother when he was in the hospital.)

10.What’s your go to candy choice?

Graceley: Twix.

D.D.: Payday

11.Best advice you ever received?

Graceley: Hire an editor. Have no regrets.

D.D.:  Author advice? You can’t edit what you don’t write. So write Draft Zero, even if its’ crap. Life advice? “You make your own destiny.” – The Matrix.

12.Worst advice you ever got?

Graceley: You have to follow the rules. I’ve got an obscene gesture for that one.

D.D.: “Maybe all the obstacles are a sign that things aren’t meant to be.” I call B.S.

13.Something you always say?

Graceley: For fuck’s sake or for the love of god.

D.D.: Dude, Legit, What’s up bitches.

14.Name a pet peeve of yours.

Graceley: Overly nice people. I’m a Bostonian living in the south. Give me a middle finger over a how are you today, any day.

D.D.: People who pretend everything is perfect. You don’t shit rainbows so stop pretending like you do. I’ve got a shit ton of flaws and I LOVE people who embrace their own. Take me and my ugly, or GTFO!

15.Where is your favorite place to write?

Graceley: Wherever there’s a comfy seat and a place to put my coffee.

D.D.: Now it’s honestly anywhere. I have finally mastered the art of writing through every scenario. BUT it used to be in silence in a coffee shop.

16.What was the best gift you ever received?

Graceley: sounds corny, but my love of reading from my Mom. I wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t told me I’d better read Harry Potter and tell her what it’s about or I wasn’t allowed to sleepover my friends house.

D.D.: Yes me and Graceley are both corn balls, but compassion. My mom showed it to me when I was struggling through a MASSIVE Postpartum depression. It saved me.

17.If you could go anywhere right now, where would it be?

Graceley: London or Ireland.

D.D.: OMG – Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand!

18.Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Graceley: I’m actually a vampire…jk, I’m a night owl.

D.D.: Used to be a night person, but toddlers can make that impossible lol. So I am a morning person now.

19.Favorite board or card game?

Graceley: I love Yahtzee. My dad and I play it every time we get together. Our rivalry is legendary.

D.D.: OMG I love Yahtzee too Graceley! LOL Twinsies. I also love Hearts. I’m terrible at it, but it’s fun.

20.Name one of your hobbies.

Graceley: Crocheting.

D.D.: Reading and practicing the piano.

21.Do you have any pets? Names?

Graceley: I’ve got bengals. Anarchy, Khaos, Rebel, & Frenzy.

D.D.: My Kitties!!!! Tiger and Houdini.

22. Do your family/friends know you write?

Graceley: Yeah they do. And they support me 100%.

D.D.: Yes – but I am still weird about it lol. No explanation as to why 🙂

23.Who’s your author idol?

Graceley: I can’t name just one. Rebecca Hamilton, Shayla Black, D.D. Miers (she can outline and understand my gibberish, plus her writing…gah!) Karen Marie Moning, Laurell K. Hamilton, and Sherrilyn Kenyon, who was super sweet when I curtsied about six times when I met her because I was so overwhelmed and excited to meet her.

D.D.: Graceley!!!! You’re making me blush! Well obvi I love Graceley – her and I are ’sisters from another mister.’ I also adore Rebecca Hamilton, she is seriously talented. It’s not just her writing, it’s her entire logic – she continues to teach me things daily.  I also love Ilona Andrews, Karen Marie Moning, Jennifer Estep, Yasmine Gaelhorn, Annie Bellet and so many more!!!

24.What would you say to them if you had the chance to meet them?

Graceley: See above followed by very fast and excited talking.

D.D.: OMG OMG OMG!!! Can you sign this? Can we best fiends? I’m not a stalker! Do you want to co-write? Do you want to hang out later? Seriously, I’m not a stalker. 😛

25.Favorite reading genre?

Graceley: I love YA and urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

D.D.: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy and PNR Honestly, anything with romance has me addicted.

26.Least favorite reading genre?

Graceley: Mystery/Thriller

D.D.: Hmmm I’d probably say Tragic Women’s Fiction.

27.What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Graceley: I’d say, but my bestie might kill me.

D.D.: Hike across crevices in Yosemite National Park and onto a large dome hanging over the edge of Yosemite Valley. I am terrified of heights and it scared the crap out of me, but it was gorgeous.

28.Name something you regret not saying or doing.

Graceley: I regret not standing up for myself, but I learned my lesson. It will never happen again.

D.D.: I regret caring what people thought about me and letting that influence my life choices.

29. How many books have you read?

Graceley: Over three thousand. I was that kid that read a book a day, every day through school.

D.D.: OMG I can’t even count. Especially when books went into digital format, I went crazy. Also, I don’t want my husband to read this and find out. I probably bought a trip to France worth of books.

30.Name of your character that says the naughtiest things and title of the book.

Graceley: This is a tough one. Carver in Thirst is pretty dirty. And he’s got a French accent.

D.D.: Haha, yes he might be taking the cake on that, but Lucian from Thirst is coming in a close second. I also love this line Kieron says in Dark Summoner. It’s not dirty but just hot: ‘He pressed his mouth just above my ear. “I’m not thirsty, Ms. Davenport, but I am rather hungry, and you look absolutely delicious.”

Thanks for stopping by Graceley & D.D. Y’all crack me up! Thanks for playing with us today (in a literal way). We look forward to reading your upcoming series; The Kresova Vampire Harems! If you want to check out their series. They’re available on preorder now for their January 18th release of Thirst!


Blog Tour: The Billionaire’s Unexpected Baby by Kira Archer

by Kira Archer

One minute, pregnant Leah Andrews is throwing up over the side of a yacht and the next, she’s married to party boy Brooks. It’s an arrangement born of sheer desperation to save her job, but now the tabloids are all over them, their friends are running a pool betting on whether they’ll actually stay married until Baby Day, and worst of all, she and her new husband might just be falling for one another. But they belong in opposite worlds. It’ll never work.

Billionaire app developer Brooks Larson lives his life on the light side. Until he tries to play hero and claims to be Leah’s husband. Now he’s up to his ears in Lamaze classes, baby powder…and unexpected marital bliss. But he’d make a rotten husband and horrible father. Leah and the baby deserve so much better. Add in major baby daddy drama and the whole situation is the worst idea EVER. But sometimes those bad ideas might just be the best ones.

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Kira Archer resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kiddos, and far too many animals in the house. She tends to laugh at inappropriate moments and break all the rules she gives her kids (but only when they aren’t looking), and would rather be reading a book than doing almost anything else. Most of her non-writing hours are spent hanging with her family and running her kids around because they are busy and she’s the taxi driver. She loves her romances a little playful, a lot sexy, and always with a happily ever after. She also writes historical romances as Michelle McLean.


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