Addiction (Bayfront Billionaires, #5) by Calista Fox
Published by Swerve on July 3rd 2017
Pages: 131
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Everyone loves a secret…

Liv Tyner has an ultra-sexy one she’s been keeping all to herself. A sinfully delicious, forbidden secret that has inspired endless fantasy material late into her lonely nights. But when that secret is suddenly staring her in the face—in the form of two fantastically built and wildly successful men—not only does Liv have trouble keeping her one-time-only love triangle under wraps, she also longs for a repeat performance.

Step-brothers Nate Dalton and Tristan Reeves have built a global communications empire that laid the groundwork for their ten-year homecoming to Bayfront. But more important than success is winning the love of the one woman neither has gotten off his mind or out of his system no matter how much time and distance spans between them—sensational and highly addictive Liv Tyner!

As a slow seduction begins and all their juicy secrets are revealed, can these star-crossed lovers find themselves in the right place, at the right time, to make a more permanent love connection?

Addiction is the fifth installment of the Bayfront Billionaires by Calista Fox.

I enjoyed Addiction. Tristan and Nate are really good friends, but aren’t completely compatible that you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. Even though these two had it rough in school being the nerds, they did well for themselves in the long run. Liv was the popular girl in school turned actress. Eve though this was a quick book, I felt like it was on repeat. The lack of confidence wasn’t appealing and I wish they didn’t continue to dwell about past experiences. However, aside from when they re-hashed the past, I found the connection between all three of them great.

I would recommend reading the whole series since you might get a better understanding of the characters who make an appearance. – Reviewed by Julianne